Topman: I LOVE YOU! I must confess that I totally dig their male kimonos that hit stores here in Singapore recently. Not sure if it’s a local market thing, but I sure hope that it isn’t – I think that the kimono is one of the most interesting yet unusual garments for men to wear […]

I’ve just settled an inner debate I’ve been having for some time. The debate has been about a smaller room in my apartment, and whether to turn it in to a walk in closet, or a home music studio for music production, voice recording and other creative work. The room itself isn’t large, but it’s […]

I’m rapidly approaching the end of my project to try all the flavors that I don’t have at home. Now, it’s only two or three left on the list! The most recent flavor I got my hands on was Brownie Batter Core. Did it deliver? Read on to find out. Sweetness balance: 7/10 Quite good, […]

I quickly left the Indian restaurant with screaming kids as soon as I finished my meal. In my hand was a ticket to see the movie Tomb Raider – but I needed to purchase some snacks to bring into the movies. I headed toward a grocery store at the mall where I knew the flavor […]

As part of my 2018 project to simplify my daily life as much as possible, I took a look at regularly recurring chores to see if there was a way to optimize them. The main idea behind optimization is to look for patterns of actions that you repeat, and try to perform the action as […]

I’m one of the fortunate photographers lucky enough to own three Canon lenses that together are referred to “the holy trinity”.  The holy trinity means a constant aperture of f/2.8 from 16 mm up to 200 mm range. Any owner of the holy trinity can boast about owning three of the finest lenses ever produced […]

Jag har tidigare alltid varit ett stort fan av H&M. Varje gång jag gått in i någon av deras butiker har jag sett massor av inspiration och kläder som jag skulle kunna tänka mig äga – tills nyligen. I mina ögon började H&Ms förfall när de under hösten lanserade en lodiskollektion med herrkläder som inte […]

I’m more than half way through my mission here in Singapore to test a lot of Ben & Jerry’s flavors that we don’t have in my home country  Here is my review of Truffle Kerfuffle! Can it stand a chance against the two leading flavors Oat of this swirled and Red velvet cake? Sweetness balance: […]

I’ve been on the lookout for a blue watch lately. A brand that I’ve seen in shops is Guess, and they have a lot of models in blue at the moment. Generally, I like Guess’s designs so I decided to have a closer look. The style I’m after is sporty yet elegant, and the nice […]

Yes – you did read that correct. I never wear underwear. At least not underwear of the traditional type such as briefs or tighty whities. And definitely not boxers. I’ve hated boxers my whole life. Not the garment itself, but rather the manufacturers extreme incompetence in regards to producing a boxer short that stays in […]