Shopping in Charlottenberg!



Me and Branni borrowed a nice Alfa Romeo car and drove from Trysil to Charlottenberg, a 2,5 hour drive. As everybody knows, Norway is an expensive country. But as soon as you cross the border to a small hillbilly town called Charlottenberg there is a big shopping mall and outlets.

First, as the training freaks we are, we wasted a fortune on nutritional supplements in a store called Bodypower. We also bought food since the price of regular groceries is alot higher in Norway. I bought a few kilos of chicken, salmon, and other fish.

Some supplements 🙂

I was looking forward to going in to a big outlet that sold sporting gear, travel stuff and clothes. That place was HUGE! It was like walking into heaven. Everywere I looked the place was packed with merchandice from my favourite brands of travel equipment. It was loaded with The north face, Haglöfs, Fjällräven, Nike, Quicksilver and every kind of sporting brand you could think of. I was running around like a frantic kid!

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