Winter seasons first scandal!

The weekend came with many surprises. First of all, 2 employers at my job came one early morning to get an advance payment of their salary. They got more than 600 euro each and then just disappeared.
My boss went to their house and it turned out that they had packed all their things and left.. That explains why they forgot their balls on the nightstand table – it was a real cheap and cowardly way to treat your employer and collegues. But Im actually not upset about it – the fact means that I get more working hours now since they are gone!

The employers all over the resort have been struggling with the start of the seasong. Too little guests and too little snow. Many bars and restaurants have had to fire employers due to this.

Me and Branni went on a roadtrip to Charlottenberg. Its just on the swedish side of the border and there is a lot of shops and outlets there. My plan was to buy some nutritional supplements and some gear for skiing or the Kilimanjaro trip.

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