New ski clothes!

Outside my work

Finally im not the only guy on the slopes skiing in jeans as in this picture.. Found nice deals on some new clothes! And since I got a season pass with the lifts I had to buy ski’s as well. Never owned a pair before so its gonna be nice to have your own equipment and not rent all the time.
First up my ski kit – got a really good price on boots from Nordica, ski’s from HEAD and poles from Scott!


For Goggles I chose Oakley’s Seth Morrison signaure series 🙂

Oakley's Seth Morrisson signature series

I found a nice jacket from O’neill,
called Seb Toot’s Signature edition. Its designed by the youngest snowboarder to ever win the TTR world tour, Canadian Sebastien Toutant.


Got a pair of GoreTex gloves from Kombi, no more freezing wet hands! However cool,  my  Crocker black leather gloves don’t handle snow that well.


Found nice ski trousers from Ski industries, a Swedish brand that I never heard about before. So far so good on the first test! Didn’t freeze and didn’t get wet.

Ski pants

One of my best buys was a balaklava from Conte de Florens. Finally no more freezing face. Highly recommended for everybody in cold weather!


Author: Danny

Life is an adventure! I believe in participating in life - not standing on the side and watching it. Here I will write about all my passions, big and small. Follow my exciting trips around the world as well as my almost normal days at home, wherever it may be at the moment.. If you like inspiration, travel, challenges, training, fashion, self improvement, culture, food and gear - look no further! So to all my stalkers, congratulations! Now you can enjoy watching my life closely at home with your computer, those cold nights with binoculars aimed at my window are finally over. I'll finish my first post by quoting Bilbo (a character in J.R.R Tolkien's The lord of the rings) with a line that ever since I heard it as a child (about 2 years ago) has left a trace in my memory: " It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to"

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