Day 1, adventure begins

After 6 months of planning, the trip finially started!
I arrived the 10th of December in Copenhagen after leaving a -26 degrees cold Trysil (Norway). Arica is a place i always wanted to visit, so when I was invited to join the danish/african family I know, I never hesitated! Another reason is to beat my little sister that has worked as a volunteer in Tanzania.

To introduce my fellow travellers:

Nicolina Visagie
The mother of the family, she is from Namibia and it is her that has done most of the planning with Mark.


Mark Salmon
Nicky’s boyfriend, from Ireland.


Leilanie C. Leggett
Nicky’s doughter, and its through her I know the family. Her biological dad lives in Cape town.


André Schlishting
Nicky’s son, with a dansish father.


Petra Salmon
Mark’s daughter.


Trine, André’s girlfriend.


Nina, friend of Leilanie and André.


On the night of the 10th we ate a good meal that Leilanie and her boyfriend had prepared, and then we had a little party – mixing music, drinks and packing.

The 11th december we went out to Fields shopping mall in copenhagen, a very good mall in my opinion. I didnt have time to visit the stores i Wanted, but I was very happy to find a “The north face” store with travel equipment. Some guys are crazy about motors and game stores – I always find myself drawn to store with luggage and adventure travel! Love that shit.

That night i didnt sleep anything, just kept myself awake to be able to sleep in the 14 hour trip to cape town via amsterdam.

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