Day 2, Flying and arriving in Cape Town


The night before, Nicky held a conference with us. Were were instructed with important information about Africa. The plan was to stay 2-3 nights at a hostel in Cape town before driving up to Walvis Bay, Namibia.
That is about 20 hours of driving.. According to Nicky’s relatives, new gangs had sprung up in South africa, driving aroud without headlights and robbing or killing people who signaled to them to turn on the headlights. We were told not to signal other cars. She also wanted to drive through Namibia at daytime because of the risk of wild animals on the road at night.

Thr road from CapeTown to Walvis Bay

We are going to be living at the houses of her family and friends, but it doesen’t guarantee that our belongings are safe. So we should always close the doors to our rooms, lock our suitcases and don’t leave our mobiles on the table when visitors come. We also shouldn’t buy merchandice or clothing from street salesman.

It was with theese words of warnig in our heads we arrived at the airoprt in Copenhagen around 05.00. Checking in our luggage became a problem because the airline had given Mark and Nicky wrong info about luggange and weights. They had to pay 160 euros extra and we were running out of time – boarding was in 30 minutes! We proceeded fast to the service counter to take care of the problem and here i was struck with shock- Mark, the experienced traveller had a Visa ELECTRON.. What is he thinking??! Was the question running through my mind. Visa electron are those crappy visa card for students or people under 18 and they hardly even work in your own country. The likelyhood of a foreign shop accepting visa electron is about similar to paparazzis taking pictures of the vatican pope praying to Allah.
Obviously the service desk didnt accept his card, so I had to play the hero and pay with my real visa. We ran back to the baggage drop and cut before everybody in line and this time it was fine. We were 5 minutes past boarding time, and we still hade’nt made into security!

Here came my next shock- lots of my beloved companions on our trip had filled their handluggage with toiletries! WHY?! once again rang in my mind. Who uses shampoo or paints their toenails at 10 000 meters.. They had to re-do the whole security process and put stuff in plastic bags. NOW we finally were finished, but so was almost also boarding.
After sprinting through the airport we finally made it to the gate just before they were about to close. All the passengers were waiting for us and we were the last ones on the plane.

We landed about 23.30 in Cape town (via amsterdam) on a plane full of screaming kids. My personal opinion is that kids and baby strollers should be banned in public place. People with baby strollers are really obnoxious and think they own the sidewalk/shop and whatever place they might find themselves.

We were met by relatives to Nicky & leilanie and we went to Hertz to get the two cars we had booked. Hertz was actually very friendly to upgrade uf for free to a bigger car when it turned out that the trunk was too small, good service from their part.
Mark had calculated the cost of renting two cars and gasoline to a few hundred euro per person. A full tank in South Africa is about 30-40 euro.
One thing about the south african money is that they actually have pictures of animals on their currency instead of old dirty men like the European money.

Cape Town backpackers

As one of only two in our group with a license to drive, I was going to be driving on the left side of the road like in England. I looked forward to this, always wanted to try it! We were shown the way to the hostel by the relativs, and we had booked a place called “Cape town backpackers”. For 3 nights we paid 17 euro each wich was really cheap even for a hostel!


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