Day 3, Waking up in Cape Town

We consumed our breakfast at the hostel (abt 3-4 euros for a big english breakfast, called farmhouse breakfast in South Africa). We left by car for a nice area down by the harbour called Waterfront. This is highly worth going to if your’e ever in South africa. Waterfront has a big ferris wheel with a nice wiev and also a big shopping mall with lots of stores. Worth to mention is that quality brands like Guess, Diesel and others have stores here but don’t expect cheaper prices than at home. There is however plenty of stores where you can find nice clothes and stuff cheap.


Nicky had been bragging about the African dried meat called Biltong so we had to buy that. It was very good (but the best dried meat is from Phillipines in my opinion.) Biltong is available in varoius flavours and styles and costs 10-40 euros for 100g. For an athlete, biltong is the ideal food! 60g protein per 100g, but only abt 3-4g fat and carbs.

We met Leilanies father and more relatives at waterfront and we also bought cards for mobile phone. We then took the cars along the coast to an area called Hout bay where we were supposet to eat at a restaurant. The way to Hout bay is very beautiful to drive with fantastic nature and mountains on the left and a colourful sea on the right. The restaurant was apparently closed so instead we tried a traditional african meal – KFC 😉

We took the cars back to the hostel to discuss some plans for tomorrow. One thing to to is visit Table mountain – a popular attraction with a restaurant on top thats only accessible by line lift.

Table Mountain

It all depends on the weather because if its cloudy on the mountain you won’t see anything. We could also visit Robben island where Mandela has held prisoner for 27 years.

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