Danny VS The Virus: Round 1


The battle begins

I woke up all motivated – Im NOT letting this bastard beat me! Before breakfast I took a walk down to the pharmacy. Do win the battle I had to put some hard core weapons in my arsenal.


Vitamin C tablets of 1g each: Vitamin C is a deadly weapon agains almost anything that tries to mess with your body and imune system. Ill take 13g today and 12 tomorrow.

Blueberries: A natural anti-oxidant and also very tasty to mix into the fiber cereal and yoghurt. Anti oxidants are really underestimated – whenever you stress the body releases stress hormones that are harmful to your skin, imune system and general well beeing. Anti-oxidants make you mentally strong, protects your skin against aging and wrinkles and helps the imune system. Ever seen those guys with a stressy job that look 10 years older than they are? I bet they don’t eat their blue berries..


Smoothie with Goji berries: These berries are since thousands of years known to be a source of powerful antioxidants and vitamins. Not common in Europe but well known natural medicine in Asia.

During the shift at work I consumed 5-6 cups of Green Tea. I couldn’t find Green Tea extract in the pharmacy but if you find it, it’s worth buying. Green tea extract is a natural antioxidant 200 times more powerful than Vitamin c! Must bee a reason why those old Kung Fu masters in China can kick your ass blindfolded at the age of 95.
Im now almost finished planning the diet of my fitness and training program starting on monday (if im not sick). Looking forward to finally getting back in good shape!

I heard from a colleague today that some kind of government building in USA is being renamed after an old politician in that state. His name: Harry Balls..

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