Day 4: chillin’ with cheetahs – Inside the cage!

I started the day with a powerwalk early in the sun. Howerver, our plans to visit table mountain got ruined by clouds forming on the mountain. The backup plan agreed on was to take the cars to an area called Spier where there was a popular vinyard, cheetah-farm and diffirent kinds of owls and eagles.  Mark’s iphone 4 GPS system led us down a beautiful road outside of Cape town that twisted through huge vineyards and lovely nature.


The sun was blazing and after 30 minutes we discovered that we were going the wrong direction! We also discovered a water-leakage from under the car. Everybody agreed on going to get the car changed before driving to Namibia early morning.

Well arrived in Spier, they asked us to pay an entrance fee 5 RND. The guy at the entrance said the fee was 500 cent (witch actually os the same amount as 5 RND) and Nicky got all worried and didn’t understand the guy just WAS asking for 5 RND.


Touring the Cheetas!
We went looking at the cheetas with a guided tour. We were informed that they ate about 1 kilo of raw meat or chicken per day. The cheeta farm was run by mostly volunteer workers and that anybody who would like to volunteer should apply straight to the park instead of going through some organization that would charge for applying. More info on voluntary work:
The farm had a very big area for the cheetas to run and play, 5 times bigger than most other farms. They get the cheetas to stay in shape by letting them chase a fake rabbit on a reel. The guided tour was free and very interesting. Exept from the birds (that we didn’t get the chance to see) the farm also had coyotes, meerkats, jackals.

Chilling while Nicky is talking

Nicky held another conference about tomorrows long drive – the last month 18 people got killed on the road between Cape Town and Walvis bay. The police has set up a lot of spots where they measure your driving speed, so it was important for us to drive withing the limits. She said that if you get caught for speeding in South Africa, you will be put straight into prison without trial (a fact that I found somewhat hard to believe).

Me and André got tired of wasting time in the shadow just chilling, so we went back to the cheetas and paid a sum equivalent to 22 euro each, to get in the cage with the cubs and pat them. Highly recommended! After a while we drove back to the airport and exchanged the leaking car. Then we had dinner with Leilanies family at Grand Hotel witch was a huge complex consisting of diners and a big casino. We said goodbye and left for our hostel.

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