A penguin on skies..

I was sitting down a few days ago and thinking of how lazy one is. I usually don’t compare my written down working hours to how many hours I actually get paid for. Maybe I’ve lost thousands just because of pure lazyness? So I brought out my inner nerd and made an excel-sheet that easily and automatically sums up your working hours, and you only have to enter the time you got to work and the time you left.
Here it is if anybody wants it:

Working hours

Today I saw him for the second time – a Norwegian guy who is skiing in a PENGUIN outfit. Yes, you read correctly. Obviously his goal isn’t to pick up women.. I never had the chance to take a picture, but think of a fat dude, dressed as a penguin with a red scarf, on skies.

Two new Russian skiers came to the bar today. How can I tell they are Russian? Easy. They seem to have a strange affinity for animal fur. Both the husband and wife had tight blue 80’s Armani ski outfits – with a fox’s tail attached to the back of their helmets.

At the moment

Im also finishing up my training and nutrition program witch will be presented tomorrow in full detail.  Hopefully it will prepare me for Kilimanjaro and get me out of the bad shape I am in now..

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