Day 5: Flat tire at midnight in middle of nowhere in Namibia

Out of Cape Town

We started driving at 05.00 while it still was dark. After stopping for breakfast at a restaurant chain called Wimpy, we were finally on our way out of Cape town and closing in on Namibia. The road was mostly very straight and with a nice sports car one could really do some damage here – very good sight for several kilometers.
We had lunch i Springbok at around 18.00 after 13 hours of driving. And to my amazement I found protein supplements in agrocery store 🙂 Springbok is about 1-2 hours of driving from the Namibian border and the closer you come, the landscapestarts to change to the more desert like nature that Namibia has.

A pause

Namibia was one part of South Africa and is still by some people called North West South Africa.. Just before the border the nature is breathtaking with a nice drive through mountain passes and valleys. The final stretch is also loaded with hitchhiking Africans waving their passport – a signal that they want a lift across the border (with what ever suspicious material in their bags).

Close to the border of Namibia

We passed the border after paying 20 euro in roadfee and filling out ridiculus papers that wanted to know the chassi numberfor our rental cars. We were booked into a bed & breakfast in a city called Keetmanshoop. We trusted blindly that Mark’s Iphone 4 GPS system would lead us there even though it did cost us and extra hour of driving when we visited the cheetahs at Spier.It turned out that the GPS was about to pull down our pants, bend us over and screw us royally this time! Instead of pointing the straight way to Keetmanshoop following road B7, it made us turn left into a suspicious gravel road that after one hour turned out to be the entrance to some old forgotten national park. I was totally pissedoff at this point- after almost 20 hours of driving, we did not need to loose more time on some dirt road in pitch black darknessin the middle of nowere. We turned back and when we got to the B7 road- the next disaster hit us: Mark had a flat tire.

We unloaded the car fast as hell, took out the spare tire and proceeded to change the tires. At this point we were all exhaustedand pissed of, especially Me and Mark who had been driving for so long without rest. The closest city was Grünau about half an hour away and Nicky suggested we should find a B&B there instead of driving the 250 kilometers to Keetmanshoop. After consultingwith her relatives however, we were strictly forbidden under any circumstances (even extreme ones like this) to stay overnightin Grünau because: “They kill people in that city!” so me and Mark just bit down and plowed the remaining hours of high speed until we finally hit Keetmanshoop and could sleep at 02.

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