Day 6 – Arriving in Walvis Bay, Namibia

We had breakfast at our B&B. It was run by an older couple and was walled for the safety of the guests. We proceeded to drive out of Keetmanhoop and now the Namibian nature was really starting to show itself. Think sand and long straight roads. Apart from letting a hoard of cows over the road, nothing dramatic happened.

At a gas station

We were met after a few hours by Nicky’s relatives from her hometown Walvis bay, they had been driving since dawn to meet us. It was nice for Me and Mark to get some time off driving and it was fun for everyone to meet the people we were going to spend the next month with. Especially for Nicky who hadn’t seen her family in 7 years.


Colorful houses

We drove on toward the Namibian capital Windhoek and stopped two times along the way to meet other relatives and hand out presents. For Me who had never been in Africa, it was very interesting to see what a normal small town looked like. The poor areas didn’t have asfalt on all roads and the houses were mostly one floor buildings. A big difference from European houses where the outside color of the walls normally is bland and boring, the Namibian people love to paint their walls in bright colors such as pink, green or orange. Everything felt very alive! I saw a house with a bright pink painted concrete wall with barbed wire. It looked like a maximum security prison for Barbie Dolls.

At last we arrived in Windhoek where we stopped for dinner at the house of other relatives. We were fed appetizers in various forms and before we had dinner we prayed. This was another area that differed from European traditions – in Namibia it is common to put all the food and plates and such on the table and let the guest grab a plate, take food and then find a place in the house where they want to enjoy their food.

They had prepared a delicious meal for us, grilled meat made on their indoor barbecue charcoal grill and home baked bread. The house was beautiful with large open spaces and stone tile floor. In the yard was a swimming pool. One of the smaller rooms housed a full time maid that served the family. One day when Im rich, Im also gonna get a butler who makes my food, drives me, and pours my cognac.

We left after dinner to reach our destination – Walvis bay, witch was still 300 km away. It felt a bit surrealistic driving through the dark and deserted town Swakopmund at 02.00 when I saw that the streets were decorated with bright christmas lights in different colors even though it was warm, and sand and desert on all sides of us.

Half an hour later we finally arrived in Walvis Bay about 02.30. Mark, Nicky and Petra were driven to the house of Frank & Lourdich in the “white” area of Walvis bay where they were going to stay for one month. Me, Leilanie, André, Trine and Nina were living at Marchall’s house in an area just outside of Walvis bay, called Narraville and was considered a “mixed” area. There was also another area witch was poorer and mostly populated with black people.


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