Trapped with the gay band..

I was up early at the gym to do some cardio before work.

In the locker room

On the job we have bands playing live music from 15-18 on Fridays and Saturdays. This weekend the band consists of two guys, and they play these really cheesy songs. I kind of got a strange vibe from them – it sort of feels like they are a couple..

Halfway through the shift, my boss comes over to Me and says: “-Danny, I just spoke with your landlord, the band is gonna follow you home after work because they are going to live in your house, ok?”
Great. Well, at least I don’t have to share rooms with them, the house has a few rooms that are empty. After the shift I rode with them in their van down to the house and just before we get out of the car, one of the band guys says: “-Normally we always fuck who ever is riding in the band van with us..”

I helped the guys get a room each, unfortunately one of their rooms is next to mine.
I promise, tonight Im sleeping with full clothing on, boxers wired to the electricity grid, and 3 locks on my door, just in case.

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