“Art” from our mature chef!

Today work was quiet – and I could hang in the kitchen and talk lots of bullshit with our chefs. He made a masterpiece of art for one of our waitresses! Check it out..

Fine kitchen art

Some news: Four of our staff have recently resigned from work and will be leaving in 2 weeks. My bosses were quite pissed of too loose staff now just before the hectic easter season and only one and a half months of work left. For me, that means GREAT new because I get more hours of work! And since my salary is quite high, Im not at all unhappy about the news.. April is going to be a tough month with few days of and many +1o hour shifts but it will be nice when the paycheck arrives.

After work I went with Branni to the gym.


Today I decided to to a full body workout with 3 sets per muscle group, without going to failure on each set. I didn’t want to put too much stress on my newly healthy nervous system so I kept the workout heavy but fast.
Surprisingly enough I found myself quite strong even though I haven’t trained seriously in a long time. I was pleased to do an easy 6 reps at 110 kilos and 4 reps at 115 kilos bench press for example.

Time to sleep now – getting up in the morning to do some cardio before work..

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