Healthy & Happy!

Today I was back at work after 4 days of fever and no training. It felt good to feel the energy return to the body and I was in a good mood.

I went to the gym after work to do some light cardio, didn’t want to push it too hard and get sick again! I also went shopping for some supplies and made lunch and dinner for the next four days. The choice fell on:
Lunch: Lemon salmon with spiced rice and corn
Dinner: Ground Chicken meat moussaka with aubergine and squash, spiced with garlic in olive oil. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into that 65g of protein per meal monster moussaka 🙂

Just had a nice bed time protein shake with chocolate milk!

Night meal

Time for bed now, gonna do some mental training and reading. Currently I’m almost finished with  the fourth book in the Hamilton series. Highly recommended and interesting reading – all books in the series follow political events in the time they were written so it’s “sort of” reality based around events that actually happened – but the main story is pure fiction.

Jan Guillou - Fiendens fiende

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