Day 7 – Exploring the Namibian nightlife

Chilling at Marchall's house

We woke up around nine but full of energy to start exploring the Namibian country! Me, André, Marchall, and Freddie went in to the town center in Walvis Bay to look around. We went in to lots of stores and Marchall and Freddie did some errands. It was closing in on Christmas and for Me it was a very unusual sight to see lots of colored and black employees in the shops with santa-hats on when it still was 40 degrees celsius outside!

Freddie, who is a DJ at a local club in Narraville, was supposed to meet his boss and talk, and I wanted to meet his boss too – perhaps I could convince him to let me work in his bar one night just for fun. We never met him so instead we just went back to Marchall’s house. The girls who had been “trapped” there all day with no car also wanted to go outside and have some fun! We ate some food that the girls had made, and then we left for a big barbecue at the house of Aunt Babalou. She was in her fifties but had already 34 grandkids! The women were sitting down outside in the house yard and grilling the meat and I had fun playing with all the kids.

Grilling the meat

As guests, we were placed in the best seat in Babalou’s house, in the living room at a nice table. All the other dinner guests, neighbours and friends, had to find their own places in the house or outside. After we said some prayed we started with our food, and believe Me, African aunts can cook! It was fantastic. After dinner aunt Babalou’s husband showed us the house witch he had built by hand, an impressive job.

Ready for party

When nightfall came we went back to Marchall’s house to get ready for Desert Inn club where Freddy was playing that night. We arrived at Desert Inn around twelve and I was in a good mood. To celebrate a nice day I spotted one of my favorite whiskeys in the bar – Johnnie Walker Black Label.
-“Single or double?” the bartender asked me.
-“double it is!”
Normally where I work in Norway, an order in the bar of a double Johnnie

Desert Inn

Black would land at around 30 euro – I was shocked to learn that the price here was only close to 5 euro! It was a fun night where Trine (André’s girlfriend) ended up as the most drunk of us. She managed to buy no less than THREE bottles of Smirnoff Vodka during out party out. Of course she denied it the day after, but we had picture evidence. A bottle of vodka in Desert Inn was 15 euro – back home its about 110-150 euro in a club.

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