Recap of weekend!

The weekend in Trysil was CRAZY. We had a live musician playing Friday and Saturday night and I tell you, this man was a total lunatic! He drove 5 hours in his car with his equipment to get here, and to save money the bum SLEEPS IN HIS car, parked outside the restaurant. One of my employers saw him wake up in the morning as he got to work. He was an amazing guitarist though – and he was the first of our musicians to play 3 and a half hour straight with no pause. All the time he had these flashing epileptic lights blinking and pointed at him on his little stage as he was really making love to his guitar, twitching and making freaky moves. Between his songs he would talk what seemed to be monologues with himself into the mic, that nobody understood what he said. At least our guests were entertained!

We also have a new helper-boy. Since all of our helpers have some kind of weird defect, of course this was no normal boy either. He looks exactly like Justine Bieber but with a million pimples. His voice is really high pitch and NOBODY understands his Norwegian accent – not even my fellow Norwegian employee’s know what he is saying. But He is actually doing a good job compared to the other ones.

On Sunday a really awkward thing happened to one of our customers. As he was about to pay, out of his pocket jumped a rolled up foreign bill of money with some white powder still left on it – obviously this man in his 40-50’s had a bit of snorting fun last night! And judging by the way his wife stared at him, I think it’s safe to say that he’ll be without sex for a while..

Ski time

I was of today (Monday the 21st) and I woke up around 10 to go skiing and just have a nice day. Was fun to get back in the slopes again, and tomorrow I’m also free so I’ll go skiing with our crazy chef Roffe! Can expect some funny stories from him tomorrow.
Today I also made food for the week, so nice to have lunch and dinner already made. Saves loads of time in the kitchen!




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