Day 8: The beach in Walvis Bay

Our plans of being ready to go at 10:00 AM was destroyed by the girls who overslept. We however managed to get up and be at Lourdich & Frank’s place at 11:00 AM. Then the long wait started AGAIN.. Me and André had fun playing soccer with Franco in the backyard, waiting for Nicky to get ready and god knows what else. When we finally left, Marchall had to fill up on gas, so while he was in the station, the others went in and bought sandals for the beach. I also bought a bag of garlic biltong!

When we FINALLY got going, all our five cars were heading to the beach. The road went through a HUGE production facility of salt, one of the biggest in the world – apparently salt is one of Namibia’s top export products.  It was very interesting to watch huge mountains of salt and catepillar machines working. On our way to the beach we also got stuck with one of the cars in the sandy road – some action every day, please!

The water at the beach was very cold, about 12 degrees. It was also extremely windy. After a while of eating sandwiches we decided to leave for an area of public swimming pools where the water was warm and no wind. A new problem managed to ruin our plans – one of the trunks of our rental cars was impossible to close so we decided to drive to Hertz in Swakopmund and have the car replaced.  It was a Sunday so we had to wait for a long time for the Hertz representative to arrive and take care of the paperwork.

The clock was soon 19:00 and we had only been on the beach for 45 minutes.. We decided to just drive to the beach/harbor area of Swakopmund and have a sunset picnic. It was cozy! The next day was planned to do some shopping, and I also wanted to try the local gym!

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