Jumping with skis & working out

Martin & Micke

Today was a wonderful day, the type of day you wish you could have every day. It started off skiing with Martin Hansen my buddy who also works here in Trysil. We also met a former colleague of us from when we worked in Cyprus – Micke! Now he is the bar manager in Radisson BLU’s nightclub in Trysil. Nice to see him doing well.




After some jumping Martin took a nasty fall and got hurt in his back, so we went to his work to have a bite to eat. After food Martin stayed home and Me & Micke continued skiing until the lifts closed at 16.30. After that, we headed to the gym! Training is going quite well now, for example I managed 6 reps @ 115 kilos bench press. Soon back at 120 🙂













After the training we went shopping for some food, now Im gonna make a Thai chicken stew again, but with a few different ingredients and spices this time:
Water chestnuts
Bamboo shoots
Coconut milk
Red beans
Sunflower oil
Red peppers

Per dish:
Protein: 37 g
Carbs: 68 g
Fat: 25 g
yummie! Now I have lunch for 6 days.

Thai lunch

FUCK! Now Björn and his girlfriend just got home. I’ll give it MAXIMUM 5 minutes before the whole house will echo of moving furniture and screams from his room.. Looks like its gonna be hard to fall asleep tonight again.. Where is that needle with heroin when I need it!?

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