Charlottenberg round 2..

Today I have a day off since it’s tuesday, so Me, Branni, Ludde and Björn decided to have another roadtrip to the small inbred city just on the Swedish side of the border, called Charlottenberg. The way there my mood was set to a hard test when Branni played Rage against the machine for 1 hour straight. Don’t get me wrong – I like RATM but one hour in a small warm car with the speaker behind my ears was not that “cozy”.

Travel gear and clothing outlet

We arrived after 3 hours and went to a nice pizzeria/salad bar to have some food. They have a huge outlet with adventure travel gear and that is just my kind of store. The only thing I bought in there was however some socks and boxers. Im gonna buy my stuff for Kilimanjaro after I settle my motorcycle license.



Mmm Kebab salad 🙂

Welcome to the family!


Me and Branni proceeded to our next shop – Bodypower supplement store. For training freaks like us, you could spend an entire day in there! I ended refilling my draining supply of supplement with some basic stuff and some new things to continue my program with force!



Too bad it was closed..


The way back Ludde was in charge of the stereo and now things got even worse. We had to listen to everything from chanting tribesmen to pet shop boys and hardstyle techno. I almost wished that Rage against the machine cd went back on..



Protein pancakes! Its gonna be my breakfast for a few days, nice to try something new. Never had protein pancakes before. Just mix with water and put in the pan! 1 serving of 2 pancakes gets you 21g protein, 37g carbs, 2g fat. Looking forward to the morning!


Sloow protein from Fairing. Gonna take it before bedtime – this protein is a mix of different types of the slow digesting casein. Absorbs during a longer period of time thus preventing muscle breakdown during a long night of no food. Good for the diet!



Xtend BCAA powder. Mix with water and drink before and after training. Enhances recovery, and prevents you body from loosing muscle wile on a diet. Never tried BCAA’s before!



Massacra episode 2: Creatine & pre workout to help you train with better intensity, you can decrease your waiting time between sets. The creatine also likes to bind water so you look a little bigger 🙂 Used a few different brands of this product before with very good results. Especially if your body fat is low, you will see the affects.


Just Carbs, 100% maltodextrine. Some fast carbs to take immediately after weight training to start recovering and rebuilding! First time to use this product too..




WNC Daily Caps. Multivitamin & minerals for athletes.

WNC CLA Caps. Conjugated Linoleum acid – a fatty acid that also is good on a diet. Helps you burn that last and keep your muscles! Never tried CLA as well, but heard good results from friends.

WNC Omega 3 Caps. No description should be needed – Omega 3 fat helps with EVERYTHING in your body, kind of a miracle acid. I use this year around (maybe thats why Im often in quite good shape even when I hold up training a while).

N.O.-Xplode shot. Free sample, some kind of pre-workout drink.


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