A dilemma..

I was at home in Karlstad for two days to drop of some of my stuff and visit my family. I had to go back to Trysil today (Tuesday) at the latest because I’m supposed to work tomorrow. The MINUTE the buss to Trysil rolls out of Oslo buss station, I get a text from my boss saying “It’s dead here, no need for you to work until Friday”. Thanks.. I could have spent two extra days with my family instead of wasting my time doing nothing while waiting for Friday to work..

But something funny happened – I made a fool out of myself (like usual). You know one of those masks you get on the first class flights to cover your eyes when you sleep? Well I have one. It beige and has eyes with long gay lashes printed on it, and the words “Schhhh”. After a while I noticed people in Oslo and on the buss was looking at Me in a weird way – It wasen’t until I reached Trysil (after 8 hours) that I realized that I was wearing it on top of my hat and forgot to take it of when I woke up in the buss.. Looks like this:

Nice lashes..

Tonight is the last “super-tuesday” of the season here in Trysil. That means that there will be a big party that most of the season workers will attend.  This is where the dilemma comes in. To those of you who don’t know – the difference between a problem and a dilemma is that the choices a dilemma brings are all bad. No matter how you attack your dilemma, you will end up with a bad choice. My dilemma is following:

1. Attend the last super-Tuesday and party with other season workers.
Arguments Pro: It could be fun, also one of the last chances to meet other season workers while they are still here. I also know for a fact that there will be individuals of the female gender that would love to see me there.
Arguments Con: Would cost me lots money, and thats not really why I’m here in Trysil in the first place. I’m here to SAVE money for a few long term plans and goals. I’d possibly get drunk and ruin the next day, a good week of training and a few future days of training due to hangover. and besides, I hardly know or care about any of the other season workers here anyway since I’ve hardly been partying at all here.

2. Stay at home, watch Seinfeld and eat blueberry pancakes.
Arguments Pro: Won’t cost me anything. I can get to bed on time, not ruin my training, feel good and energized the next day and able to take care of errands. It’s not like I’m missing the last party of my life..
Arguments Con: Could miss a fun night out.

What to do tonight then?

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