Day 9 – The local gym

Me and André hit the gym around 12 and we bought monthly cards for 15 euro, thats what i call a good price! On the way back we went shopping for some food and
i found two things I didn’t know existed – peanutbutter with chocolate chips and peanutbutter with no added sugar 🙂 “Hercules, hercules”

After some cleaning of Marchalls house we left to town and did some shopping. We also were invited back to aunt Babalou with her 31 grandkids for dinner.
they gave us an amazing meal with meat straight from their farm 4 hours from town. I also played some more with the funny kids and this time I was stalked
by 5 little girls who wouldnt leave my side.

Tomorrow we are planning to drive 4-wheelers on the sand dunes between Walvis bay and Swakopmund. We also booked a dolphin tour on wensday!

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