Day 10 – Adventures in the sand!

We stod up early to meet the others at Lourdich’s place around 10. AS USUAL Nicky and Mark were late – this time they weren’t even home when we got there. Nicky had to check out some tattoo place inte town. The prices were from 20 euros and up. Tempting – but what about the hygiene?


It was cloudy and we left for a company called Daredevil adventures wich provides rental of dune buggys and 4×4 bikes to ride in the sand. We rented a 4×4 each and the price was 22 euro for 45 minutes. The price for a big 2 person buggy with steel protection gace was 45 euro. We could choose between manual, semi automatic or fully automatic. A guide accompanied us and gave us instructions. Fantastic fun! and now the sun was out for real wich meant a better tan – sand reflects alot of the sun.

Our guide was really good and told us loads about the desert. He said that there is alot of minerals in the sand, such as iron, aluminum and zinc. There is also a minaral that makes the sand sparkle, the same one is put into lipstick and paint. To demonstrate he held a magnet to the sand for a while and after a minute it was completely covered with metal particles that looked like black fur.

The gang

Next in line was a gallerie in swakopmund with gemstones and crystals from the Namibian mines. Lots of beautiful stones and nice info. The worlds biggest crystal was on display and it weighed 45 tons or so. I also found out that amethysts are good for protection agains drunkeness. The word amethyst means in greek “not drunk”, so next time you’ve downed a few too many tequilas – put on your amethyst pendant to protect you from getting to drunk. We went on to a museum with lots of nice artifacts, animals and stuff from Namibias history. Well worth the 2,5 euro entrance fee.

Sulfur - my favorite mineral!

It was getting 15.00 and we had to meet up with Hetrz to change the front wheels of one of the cars, and while they did it I found a nice Cincinnati Bengals jersey in a shop. Later that evening we were booked up for dinner at aunt Desirées place so we hurried back the 30 kilometers to Walvis bay. After the good food at their huge apartment we decided to go all of us to a club in Walvis bay called Rio Copa.

André and Me

We had been warned (or hinted, depending on who’s listening) that there might be girls working as prostitutes at that club and that we shouldn’t “buy anything” from them. My eyes were in hooker-radar mode but I didn’t see anybody suspected to be for sale. Instead I was happy to find out that a glass of Johnnie Walker black label was 2,3 euro! At 23.30 we left to sleep – tomorrows adventure of dolphin tour started at 09.30!

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