Day 11 – Dolphin tours!

We were booked into a dolphin tour that started 10:00. At the harbor we were waiting for the boat along with 15-20 other tourists that also were going on the tour. Me and my fellow danish youths got to sit on the upper deck witch suited me very good since that was the best place for pictures and view.

Toward the boat

The guide took us out on the sea a bit and told us lots of interesting stuff about the local animal life, the oysters, salt export and other things. The oyster, he said, were imported fro Chile. Unlike the French oysters, these ones had a harder and less slimy meat and that was because of different temperature in the water. The water here is colder and that means the oysters grow up faster and put more energy into getting thicker meat. In the horizon there was oil rigs, derelict ships, and lots of cranes to load and unload the boats. We had company by two birds, big white seagull like ones. Turns out they knew that our guide was about to give them fish. I fed them too, but only French fries.

Oil rig

We went by a colony of seals and we also saw a huge elephant seal witch many on board mistook for a walrus. We were accompanied by two dolphins and the guide told us that it was ok to swim with them. I was the only one on the boat with enough balls to get in but they were to shy to play with me. I knew I should have had that shower in the morning.


On the way back our guide broke out champagne and fresh oysters. For Me who had never had them before it was a delight! One seal suddenly climbed on board and our guide told us lots of fun stuff about those animals. He gave him some fish and all of us got to pat him. The tour was about 30 euros and well worth the money. All of us got nice tans from being out at sea as well!


After the tour we went to Marchall’s house and my fellow Danish travelers cooked their national food for him. Well appreciated!

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