Day 15 – The highest sand dune in Walvis bay: Dune 7

We went with our cars to Dune 7, the highest sand dune in Walvis bay. Its a popular place for tourists to go and climb up to see the view but its also very steep and exhausting – like walking in deep mud at a 45 degree angle. It took about 15-20 minutes to climb up and strangely enough I was the only one who realized that sand exposed to 40 degrees blazing sun gets quite warm – thus guarding my feet with thick socks instead of going barefoot like the rest of the tourists. They had to stop often to cool their feet off and that made the climb take longer time.

It took about 10 seconds to run down again! There were also rumors of huge balls that you could rent to roll down in, but I never saw any. At the foot of the dune, we cooked a traditional Namibian food called Potjie Kos. It involves getting a huge pot of iron. You place it over fire and put in things like vegetables, chicken, spices, sauce, pasta, rice, potatoes etc and cook it until it mixes to a delicious stew. There are public fireplaces almost everywhere in Namibia and the explanation for this is that people often gather outside to party, cook food and have a good time.

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