The guy-number competition!

Well last night Me and David Nordström, my friend and collegue, decided that we should have a competition. At the end of tonight, the one of us who walks away with the most numbers wins! BUT – the numbers have to be from guys..


Lets look at the two contestants. First up David!
Name: David Nordström
Age: 27
+ Tall and slender physique
+ Alluring ginger haircolor, he also cut it yesterday so thats another +
+ Good at flairing (guys think its cool)
+ Sweet-talker
+ Stylish shoes
+ Has the bar station closest to the restaurant and thats gives him a higher % chance of guys coming there than to my station that is farther away.
– No “known” experience with male intimacy..
– Doesen’t like older men
– Maybe to dominant for many guys


Name: Danny Jansson
Age: 28
+ Well trained physique – guys sometimes ask for food & training tips
+ Age doesen’t matter
+ Blonde long hairstyle
+ Boyish charm
– Maybe to short for many guys?
Experience with male intimacy? “Lets leave that question for now..”


It looks as this could be a close tie! But Im gonna try to gain an advantage. I have a few hours until the competition starts at 19:00 – and I have contacted support from professional stylist Susanna to help me with red nails and to use a straightener for my hair. My plan is also to use fake glasses for more of an intellectual look. Im afraid that if I try Davids tactic to look a bit rough – Ill scare too many guys away. I want to send an inviting vibe and the offer of a good time. As far as clothing Im opting for suspenders and a bow tie. Im not sure what Susanna will do with my hair but im sure its length has more options than Davids. Ill also bring some hair styling products to make adjustments to the look during the job.   

Let the games begin!
/To be continued..

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