Dubai day 1

We arrived in Dubai at 03.30 and our hotel pickup was waiting for us. It was the first time I’ve been picked up at the airport by a driver – bucketlist check! Check in wasn’t until the morning so we had to wait a bit for our room to be prepared. We were staying at JA Ocean view hotel in the marina, and the first impression of the hotel was amazing. The staff was extremely polite and helpful – very good service indeed. We hung around in the hotel cafe and waited for our room.

After checking in we quickly unpacked and started to explore the hotel! The view from the top floor was great! In a distance you could see the majestic Atlantis the palm.

We proceeded to check out the JBR walk and the beach area. Despite a 45 degree heat we saw women in full abayas carrying lots of shopping bags.

The hotel provided daily shuttle buses to different places in Dubai, one was the mall of emirates. We took a ride there and were blown away completely by the beautiful mall, collection of shops and incredibly enough – an indoor downhill skiing facility! Can only imagine the astronomical amount the mall has to pay for electricity and energy to keep that skiing facility running and the air condition inside.

Ater goofing around the mall we took a taxi home. Taxis in Dubai are relatively cheap and you never have to wait long for one. It was nice to hit the comfortable bed after a long day. The hotel continued to exceed our expectations. How about a selection of SEVEN different types of pillows to choose from when you sleep?

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