Dubai day 2

After a breakfast of different kinds of cheese, cold cuts, egg, turkey bacon, fresh grapefruit and wheat grass juice we headed for the karama market for shopping. Both me and Vladimir Vojinovic accidentally had our flies down at the market until a friendly Indian worker discretely pointed it out. Hope we didn’t offend anybody’s religion! The salesmen in this poorer area were clamoring more for attention, and a guy even showed us into a secret hidden room in his shop.


After lunch we went to the biggest mall of the world, Dubai Mall (1200 shops) wearing traditional Arabic clothing. We received SO MUCH attention, it really felt like being superstars for one day. Everywhere men were coming up to us and shaking our hands and telling us how nice we looked in the robes, giving us pointers, taking pictures, giving high fives, asking where we were from and correcting our head cloth. Even the Arabic women wearing abayas gave us looks and smiles! Night-and-day difference from dressing like a usual tourist. Kids mostly stared. The Arabic people really showed us such friendly and hospitable side! It seemed like we were the only European guys in the whole mall with Arabic clothes. Strange, since the idea seemed so natural to me. When in an Arabic country – dress like an Arab.

The Dubai mall is HANDS DOWN the fattest mall. Nothing can even compare, its truly breath taking and a MUST SEE if you are here. Despite its humongous size we managed to walk by all shops. if you are to lazy the mall has golf carts to hop on and off touring the premises.

The level of service in Dubai continued to astound us. A food court worker GAVE US HIS PERSONAL PASSWORD for the WiFi of the mall – would never happen Sweden. The waiters here are such pro’s. We have never received such service anywhere in the world. Had dinner and dessert at the cheesecake factory. Again. Could hardly walk. Again..

A lot of poor construction workers are working long days in the sun here for minimum wage. When seeing them do that heavy, low paid labor in the scorching sun, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be born in a rich free country, to be attending a free world class high education and in possession of the means to be able to travel the world. I’m SO THANKFULL, and I’m NEVER OVER MY DEAD BODY going to let this opportunity of a good future slip through my hands.

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