Dubai day 3

We started the day by going to the sister hotel JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel. It was a warm day and we enjoyed some food, and hanging by the pool bar with a mojito and piña colada.

The shuttle bus went back home in the afternoon and we prepared ourselves to have a traditional Arabic meal with live music and shisha. The hotel staff recommended a restaurant called Al Koufa, so that’s where we went.

The place was huge! They had 600 seats and surprisingly enough only one chef..

We ordered a mix of grilled meat and chicken, some dessert and of course shihsa.

I met a businessman from Qatar. I asked him many questions about Arabic culture, work and food. He was very friendly and gave me card and said could feel free to contact him next time I’m in Qatar. On his business card: managing director of petroleum company.. Holding on to that contact! Probably the closest ill ever be to meeting an oil sheikh.


After a while the live music started. The band was way beyond our expectations and we both really enjoyed the Arabic music! The singer looked exactly like Sweden’s prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

IMG_4983 IMG_4990 IMG_4992

I noticed many Arabic men greeting each other by touching noses. Have to ask more about this custom! Men were dancing to the good music in the restaurant. Number of women who danced: 3. Most women in the restaurant wore the black abaya dress with only eyes visible. And fat designer bags.

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