Dubai day 5

We started the day by visiting the breath taking view of Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building 828 m high. They had a guy who’s job was to rotate a revolving door by hand.. Can’t think of a more boring job! A lot of tourists at the top. Another Indian guy with a mustache wanted a picture with me. Starting to believe that I might look like an Indian celebrity?

After Khalifa, we went for more shopping. Vladimir Vojinovic bought a blue suit and two cowboy hats, I bought a funny disguise (that will still remain a secret), and a gift for a friend back home. Of course we had dinner + desset at cheesecake factory for 4th time! We got a lot of attention whipping out our masks and the “you should be here”-sign. At the table next to us were a few Philippinos with a selfie-stick. First time I’ve seen that! A lot of people from the Philippines work in Dubai. I understand why, they speak good English and are very service minded.

We headed to Neo’s sky bar on 63:rd floor. On the way there, a taxi driver told us he shares one room with 8 guys and works 12 hour shifts 7days a week. The employer follows his car by gps and if it is still for more than 1 hour they call and press him to drive and find customers. No salary but 35% commission.


I enjoyed a glass Hennessy cognac and Vladimir had a mojito. We took picture with a shady ‘businessman’ from Syria, and got some great secret tips about dubai from the serbian bartender!


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