Dubai day 6

In the morning we decided to try the waffles and pancakes station at the hotel breakfast buffet.

We went back to the huge mall of Dubai for more shopping. Vladimir got a new pair of business shoes, a leather jacket and more clothes. Food wise we felt like trying something new, so we headed for a Persian restaurant called PARS.

Dessert at cheesecake factory for fifth time. I tried to have 2 pieces (DON’T do it..)

Monaco and Vegas have nothing on the amount of fat cars here. Any given time you exit a mall you are bound to see a ton of exclusive rides. When we left the mall we saw an Audi R8, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes g-wagon, Bentley, Rolls Royce all within a 50 m radius.

On our way home we spoke to the cab driver like always. He turned out to be a completely insane Persian man. Filmed him teaching us some Farsi (highlight movie will be off the hook)!
We got ourselves suited up and decided to visit club Vanity and enjoy hiphop & RnB music from DJ stylez.

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I had a white suit and Vladimir Vojinovic a grey. He also wore a zorro-mask that got a lot of attention! Here are a fex pics from the club


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