Male stripper’s gear list

As I wrote about in this post, I’m mounting a come back to dancing again. And there are a few things that I’ll need to invest in if I want to make it with a bang! Thankfully I can continue to use a lot of my old gear, but here is a list of my planned upcoming purchases. Each item will get a post of it’s own where I discuss it in more detail. Have a look at my list – if it were you, would you add anything? Or remove anything? Finished item will be crossed off.

Costumes and preparation:
Sewing machine
Police officer
Security guard
Spanish bull fighter
Construction worker
General white collar worker (black suit)

Entertainment gear:
Party lights rig
Smoke machine
Cream siphon
Dick shaped shot glasses
Strap-on dildo
Folding chair

Other gear:
Electric cooler
GPS system



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