2016 personal goals

So here we are! It’s FINALLY a new year and that means laying out my personal goals and strategy for the most important areas of my life. I also do this monthly with smaller and more detailed goals – so in similarity to national economics – the year goals are the macro goals and the monthly goals are the micro goals. What you are about to read here is a briefer, less detailed version of my very personal private version. I find it VERY helpful in my personal development to lay out these kind of plannings on a regular basis. I urge you to try it for yourself if you, like me, have a burning ambition and goals you wish to conquer in your own life! It will give you a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, give you a better perspective and put you in more control of your future. Let’s do it! See you in December 2016 with an evaluation.



I’m always considering school to be a do-or-die ordeal but lately I have realized that there is no need to stress over this. Thing WILL work out and go the way I want. None the less – my goals for this year of school are the same. The spring and summer are extremely important. I need pass all my courses by 1 September to secure my place on the program. I have a plan of going to Singapore on an exchange program starting 2017, so I have joined my universities buddy program to earn extra credit. The buddy program helps international students coming to our school. We arrange activities for them, help them with non-school related questions about Swedish society and so forth. Here are the goals:
  • Pass all my courses
  • Complete the buddy program
  • Secure a place to NTU Singapore (ranked 13:Th world wide)



2015 was a strain on my economy. I bought my first property and traveled to USA for a 1 month vacation with my family. It was the first time in many years since our family traveled together, and the apartment has already turned out to be a good investment by increasing in value with XXX over the year. But in perspective, those expenses cleaned me dry twice! I can’t let that happen again. I need to dedicate 2016 to build myself up into a strong financial position again. I have quite a good document of my monthly expenditures and income for the last two years, so I’m now in a position to include monthly financial goals into my reviews. I also need to take into consideration that the government has removed the deduct-ability for official “individual pension” accounts. My retirement is thus more my own responsibility.
  • Build up my buffer for unexpected expenses with XXX per month (VERY important)
  • XXX per month into my individual retirement plan
  • 20% of my monthly income into saving for future
  • financial statistics in my monthly report
  • Try nordnet for 1 year (online financial trading site)
  • pay off the new black oak wood floor for my apartment



I aim to compete again! The shoulder is well enough and there is no more excuses to get in the BEST shape of my life. I have many things planned that I can do once I reach this shape (photo projects, for one) – this is a BIG MASSIVE key for success in my life and one of the absolutely top prioritized things that I NEED to take care of. I plan to compete at least 1 fitness competition (possibly fitnessgalan and one more) and I have enlisted the help of a new coach (John). I also NEED to take more care of my brother. I am responsible for him and it is up to me to bring success into his life as well. People are counting on me and I will NOT let them down. My coffee consumption has got to end, period. I am no longer a coffee or energy drink consumer.
  • Hit competition shape in April
  • Maintain low BF% or possibly SLOW bulk during the year
  • Maximum of 1 cheat day per month
  • Minimum of 1 competition
  • Try vegetarian & vegan in January
  • Follow stretch program by www.gymnasticbodies.com and make progress
  • No more coffee or energy drinks during the year (from 20/1 2016)
  • Rehab/prehab on Sundays



I LOVE this shit! Growing as a person is so rewarding and it’s a journey I will continue to walk more vigorously in 2016. The areas I can focus most upon are building my character, and time management. I must say that I have done a good job of minimizing my time on social media during 2015. The next step is minimizing time playing with phone and tablet – a REAL time stealer (read my post on phone addiction for more info). I realize that I need a fixed routine and personal rules for this because the addictive nature of these objects make it almost impossible for the brain to ignore. My attention & time is the most precious of my resources and I need to be very selective about what I choose to focus on. I’m also going to start writing my journal and thankfulness book. I’m missing a lot of good details about my life and inner reflections and it’s about time to start!
  • Complete the Jim Rohn personal development 1 year program
  • Write things, events, feelings, thoughts in my journal that are worth remembering
  • Write thankfulness whenever I can (preferably every night before bed)
  • Develop and Implement strategic behavioral algorithms for success!
  • Information shield! Protect my attention and give 100% attention on the task at hand.
  • Affirmations
  • Read 12 books



I have a LOT of projects to consider! In order to complete many of them, it is required that I am in good shape, so that is definitely one major piece of my life puzzle. The project & plan goals are:
  • Photo projects
  • Hallway done
  • Glenn’s room done
  • Kitchen done
  • Wardrobe done
  • 1 DJ performance
  • Complete 1 memory training book
  • Trans-Siberian railroad vacation
  • North Korea trip
  • Develop my new blog platform
  • Fine hand-style writing
  • Typing while watching screen
  • Two times of tattoo removal on my neck
  • Start a business
  • Retouch an old photo course & do it on a photo of my dad’s drandpa
  • Hold a bar tending seminar to teach my friend and his friends the basics

Improving my kitchen skills and knowledge about foreign dishes & culture:

  • Learn to bake bake moon cake
  • Cognac sampling course
  • Sushi course
  • Building my library of mandarin phrases and words
  • Celebrate Chinese new year and host a CNY dinner party
  • Learn how to make dumplings, Beijing duck, ice cream mochi, egg tart and red bean bazoi



Not much to address here, and that’s actually how I aim to keep it. I’m not actively looking for a relationship – on the contrary, I’m trying my best to focus on my time-consuming education. I unfortunately fear that getting into a relationship will make the poor girl miserable since I won’t have much time to spend with her. At this point in my life, I have no doubt that I would be eligible for the “most boring boyfriend ever” award. I can see the scenario in my mind:

Girlfriend: – Darling, do you want to go to the cinema?
Me: No. Have to study advanced vector calculus.
Girlfriend: – Darling, do you want to out to eat?
Me: No. Have to study quantum mechanics.
Girlfriend: – Darling, do you want to do [insert fun activity]?
Me: No. Have to study [insert nerdy and hard math or physics course].

A miserable girl = me getting guilty conscience = taking time and focus off school = blowing my education. That simply can’t happen and I won’t take the risk. Let that part of my life come when I’m ready.

  • Don’t get into a relationship

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