Army green men’s coat

The army green men’s coat is a legendary piece of garment that in recent years has become a bit forgotten. This coat has a long history, partly thanks to the military. After the world wars, there was an abundance of high quality coats sold cheaply in most military surplus stores. This caused the coat (and other military garments) to become very popular street wear.


One example of a person who benefited from this was Ralph Lauren himself. He started his iconic fashion career by buying second hand military clothes and redesigning them to his own taste.

If you are lucky to find a good quality retro coat: Buy it! Sadly enough, I haven’t seen any brand produce a nice green coat during these recent years – and I have been looking. Not even an army green trench coat. It would provide a unique and stylish touch to any well dressed man’s basic wardrobe. For a more rugged street look, go for plain coat like the one on the left in the above picture.


If you are aiming for a more dressed look, try to find one with more details and buttons, like this model. Even though they can be hard to find, there are a lot of military surplus stores online and in most bigger cities so check from time to time. And for gods sake – let your tailor do some work on it to perfectly fit your body! Nothing ruins a nice look more than a coat with too long sleeves and saggy arms. I had the great luck of finding a nice coat recently. After years of looking, the military store in my city received one just a week before it closed down for good. I bought it VERY cheaply and that left me plenty of economic room to have my tailor customize it. I shortened the sleeves and the length, narrowed the arms, had it figure shaped, moved the back strap up, changed to gold buttons etc. Mine came with a removable warm furry lining, and a baton pocket.



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