Royal DJ Academy: Intro

As a bartender with 14 years experience in 7 countries (as bar manager in 4 of them),  I can confidently say that I know the business pretty well. On my CV is everything from luxury hotels to ski resorts, clubs and small pubs. There are few jobs in this industry that I haven’t tried, but one that has eluded me is being a DJ. I truly love music, entertainment and making guests happy! So why not broaden my knowledge to include the musical part? That was my reasoning when googling “DJ course”.

There were a few alternatives that came up in the search query. The two that seemed best where Royal DJ Academy in Rhodes, Greece and Marbella Event Academy in Spain. I settled for the first option and booked the 3 week course that begun in the end of June. Included in the price was flight tickets, transfer and accommodation during the whole course.

2016-06-26 18-18-57
We were three students! Me, Karolis and Cornelia.

My course mates

My course mates

The departure day finally came around and we arrived in Rhodes to meet the head man of the training course – Simon Kallin. It was Saturday and the course was set to start on Monday. The flight was delayed so we landed quite late. I expected to be transferred to the hotel and not much else but boy was I wrong! As soon as we met Simon, he told us to shower and change quickly because one of the biggest beach clubs in Europe (paradiso) was opening that night and he planned to take us there.

paradiso beach club

paradiso beach club

So that’s what we did! But first he brought us to one of their bar/restaurants, a nice upscale sushi place and cocktail bar called Sand. We met the staff and had a few shots. The tour continued.. We hit the bar street and had a fast meal before visiting most of the clubs to meet more staff. It instantly felt like home! If you have never been to a bar street at a European party resort, It can seem like madness! Music playing everywhere and wild partying. Having done 7 bar tending seasons in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Spain, it struck me how much I missed the relaxed and care free environment of fun and sun.

Rhodes bar street

Rhodes bar street

After more shots, smiles and laughs we took a cab to paradiso. Simon managed to arrange two VIP tables for us and I lost count after the second bottle of vodka was brought to the table. It was a great night! Good music, beautiful Greek women everywhere and the music didn’t even stop when the sun rose over the sea in the early morning. About 6 am, me and Karolis took a cab back to hotel New York where we stayed.

Reflections after day 1:

I did definitely not expect such a kick ass start to the course! Simon and the guys really delivered 110%. Can’t wait to start DJ training on Monday! But I need to remind myself of why I’m here. It is to learn how to DJ. It’s so easy to go out every night and blow all my cash at the bar street, and that’s not part of my plan of success. I also need to take care of myself while I’m here. Both me and Karolis like to stay in shape so today we found two gyms to try out. I’m going to party and have fun – that’s a given, but the last thing I want is to return home  broke, in bad shape and with mediocre results on the course. I’m going to have a great time no doubt! And there are lots of things to do here other than partying. Rhodes has quite a lot of historical stuff to see – like the colossus. Perfect for a history nerd like me! There is also opportunities to do hiking, diving and visiting old town. Not to mention trying all kinds of delicious Greek food!

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