Royal DJ Academy part 2: Meet the teachers

After a crazy day 1 (or rather night 1), me and Karolis went about exploring the local Rhodes town area around the hotel. That’s one thing I love about traveling – to get to know new areas and explore! We had a good walk and then met Cornelia for food.

Cornelia who has been to Rhodes before took us to a smaller restaurant on the “walking street”, called George & Maria’s. She claimed that they had amazing falafel, so me and Karolis tried the falafel pita. It WAS amazing! The best I’ve ever had actually, which I told the owner George (neglecting to mention that it only was the second time in my life I actually tasted falafel).

All three of us were really looking forward to starting our first lesson tomorrow and get hands on time with the teachers! Let’s introduce them.

Simon Kallin
DJ Simon Say

simon kallin

The head man and main organizer. He has been DJ’ing for about 15 years. He will pop in for pointers and help out but most of the daily teaching will be done by Oscar and Jonathan.

Oscar Scott
oscar scott

A bar owner and DJ from Sweden. About 8 years of experience and also has extensive knowledge about light set up.

Jonathan Santambrogio

Young but talented DJ and producer from Stockholm. Resident DJ at one of Stockholm’s best nightclubs (Pure). Highly skilled in doing live mashups and playing moombahton.

We went out to the bar street in the evening. After watching Jonathan play at Wall club and Simon play at Pepe’s bodega, our jaw’s were dropped the rest of the night. These guy’s are so freaking amazing. I’ve never with my own eyes up close seen a DJ do what they do. I realize how astronomically many hours I need to practice. And I look forward to every one of those hours! I’m so hungry to learn this!

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