Royal DJ Academy: Week 3, day 1. Club debut!

We met at Pepe’s at 13 to practice our 15 min sets with our teacher Oscar. Tonight we were set to play in the clubs at the bar street alongside our teachers! I was playing at Wall with Jonathan, and Karolis & Cornelia would play at Pepe’s with Joakim and a new DJ (who will be one of the teachers for next course). Practice went well but I decided to switch one of my songs for the set since Cornelia also was going to play it.


After class, we had lunch/dinner at a restaurant called Jack’s. Recommended! Me and Karolis left for the hotel to prepare songs for our debut night. I arrived at Wall around 21.30. Jonathan said that we would start playing about 23! I was just sitting there, waiting and getting more and more nervous. Finally Jonathan told me to start! I just snapped out of worrying and focused on the task. When plugging my USB memory into the player, I realized that I had exported the wrong playlist! Thankfully, I had taken the advice of our head teacher Simon and brought a back up USB where I had the correct list. Jonathan said that we would begin the night by sticking to softer melodical tropical house around 120 BPM to build up a nice mood. He had prepared some music for me to play, but I told him with a smile that I have LOTS of that kind, since I happen to LOVE that genre personally. And I was off!


I’ve gotta tell you, It felt FANTASTIC! Almost all of my mixes were smooth and tight. I think I did quite well with selecting tracks to play. The staff gave me compliments and I could see guests dancing and digging the music. The feeling was almost euphoric! Jonathan took over after about 1 hour. You could hear the difference instantly. An experienced DJ has so much more creative tools and ways to make the music sound good. His mixing is truly amazing and I was just sitting there enjoying every moment watching and listening to him play.

After another hour, it was my turn again. This time I felt confident enough to use a few loops and hot queues. All of them went down fine 🙂 And that’s how the night continued! We took turns, and he even left early and told me to close for him. Fantastic night, I was so happy and ecstatic that I totally forgot that I had just eaten once during the day. Me and Karolis watched Cornelia play a bit at another club called Tre Kronor and then we left for the hotel to sleep.


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