Royal DJ Academy: Week 3; day 2,3,4


Tonight I was set to play in Pepe’s bodega. I was very confident from last nights successful performance at Wall! Pepe’s bodega turned out to be much harder. There is a dance floor there and the music is much louder. To maintain the energy and keep people dancing, one has to change songs faster and cut mix at the right parts of the track. I was a bit unprepared and I played my songs a bit too long. I did manage to build the dance floor but my teacher took over after a while and I guess i played for about 45 min totally during the night.

I’m going to be honest, it felt disappointing. I asked our teacher Oscar to go home and practice in the hotel at 03:00. We were supposed to have our test NR 2 on tomorrows beach party and I needed to practice more. One new DJ arrived today and he played back to back with our teacher Jonathan in Pepe’s. He could really spin that shit! Looking forward to see more of him during the week.


The day started by playing at the pre party gathering for the beach party. One of the new teachers for next DJ course, told me to start with some nice soft tropical house – a personal favorite genre. No problemo boss 🙂 I played for about 20 min and then Karolis took over.

We followed the tourists to the beach party, but we never got to play our sets for test 2.. Instead, we just chilled in the sun and had free drinks and food ha ha.

In the evening, Me and Karolis were scheduled to play at Wall with the new teacher Jonathan. His beat mixing technique was a bit different from what we have been taught during the course. He likes to use echo in his beat mixing and starts echoing slowly during the drop of the playing track. It was fun to try some new techniques! It enabled two tracks to really blend smoothly together. We got to play about 1 hour each.

When we got back to the hotel, we discovered that the strict old Greek owner had gone into our room and taken the remote control for the air condition. Thanks a lot gramps..


After a very warm night with not so heavy sleep, we met our teacher Oscar in Pepe’s during the day to help plan our sets for the DJ battle on Saturday. I was very confused and not in a good mood. We had been told a lot of different information from our teachers. First we were supposed to have test NR 2 at the beach party. That didn’t happen. We had put a lot of time and energy in to preparing that set and now we didn’t even get to perform it. Then we were told to prepare at set to be played at Pepe’s tonight night. Well good luck. For us fresh students, preparing a set takes time and when were we supposed to practice? It was already 17:00. Not to mention the DJ battle on Saturday. We needed to start planning and practicing that as well – it was only 2 days away!

We had dinner at Sand cocktail & sushi bar. HIGHLY recommended! It was time to play in Pepe’s tonight again. I was prepared this time! Oscar asked me to play a 7 song set of R&B and Reggaeton that I showed him during the day. Nailed it perfectly, except for 1 hot queue that didn’t load on time. We played together for about 30 minutes and then another DJ Joakim took over. Oscar told me that we would play more later when the dance floor was full. But he left, and we never got to play again. Too bad, I was ready and looking forward to it. Me and Karolis went to another club (Tre Kronor) where Cornelia was playing with their DJ. Me and Karolis went for food instead, and then had a long conversation about 90’s techno with the night receptionist in the hotel.

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