Getting a Korean haircut

I’ve walked by a Korean barbershop here at the NTU campus, and as my hair has grown, so has my curiosity to try the place. Could it beat my best hair experience ever – getting the perfect hair cut from an old, paper thin lady in a Bangkok back alley, without ever exchanging a single word? Read on to find out.
Kcuts slogan is “10 minutes Korean style”. I discovered that they have streamlined the whole procedure of cutting hair into an effective, time saving machine – a McDonald’s approach to hair, if you will. Kcuts has establishments in Seoul and Singapore, and it’s the first hairdresser I’ve visited that has crown moldings with blue neonish lights in the ceiling.
You first walk in and feed a ticket machine 10 $. You are then placed in a queue and when the number of your ticket is in turn – you’re up.
The cutting is performed by a nimble, fast and efficient Asian woman wearing a face breathing protector ting, which is common to see in Asia, both on the streets and in many jobs such as restaurants. I didn’t ask where she was from but wouldn’t be surprised if she was Korean 😉
When I took a seat, she asked me:
– Fade?
I said yes.
What followed was some efficient work where she used scissors as well as multiple types of electric hair trimmers and different length settings.
The result? I’m very happily surprised! The fade she made was really good. Definitely among the top 10 hair cut experiences I’ve had! I’ll go back for sure to maintain it, since it was so cheap and fast! I think she actually did spend more than 10 minutes on me, probably closer to 20. I was a new customer and she seemed eager to do a good job. So the final question is, how Korean was my haircut? I’m not sure, I don’t know the current style of Korean guys hair, but I’d say it was a nice, short, military style fade. I’m happy!

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