Show number 9 follows the “normal” format of the show: A mix of new tunes and older great ones, starting of slower and increasing the tempo and energy. Genres touched in this episode:
– R&B
– C-pop
– Lounge
– Funk
– 90’s
– House
– Funky house
– Club

My favorite track of the show is probably the opening one: Kendrick Lamar & SZA – All the stars. She has a really nice voice and the melody of the track’s chorus is a real killer.

Recorded on: Pioneer DDJ-RR
Mic: Comica lavalier style (traveling light)
Software used: Rekordbox, Adobe Audition
Current music pool: Digital DJ Pool

Background: I was out and about Singapore all day doing errands. Visited the tailor for the first fitting of an Asian style business suit, and went hunting for a new camera lens before a trip to Vietnam in 2 weeks. Got back to my room during the evening, full of good energy and vibes. Making a mix in a state like that is easy!


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