Gymnastic strength and mobility

As the summer Olympic games in Rio were rapidly approaching, I for one was absolutely STOKED about watching my two favorite Olympic sports: gymnastics and track & field. That year was extra exciting considering the explosion of social media world wide. I stalked my favorite athletes on Instagram and read their tweets.

Particularly gymnastics fascinates me. I’ve been a fan of the sport since I was a kid, and quite frankly I have a big regret of never starting gymnastics training myself. But that has now changed! A college recently showed me – online training courses in developing gymnastic strength and flexibility! The courses are taught by none other than Christopher Sommer who is the  USA national gymnastics team coach with 40+ years of experience. Check out this short video about gymnastic strength training to see for yourself!

I have been doing the stretch course for some time, but not very consistently. After listening to a 3 hour podcast where coach Sommer is interviewed by Tim Ferriss, I’m now more determined than ever to make gymnastics strength training and mobility a regular part of my lifestyle. So much good information about flexibility and strength training, injuries and other stuff in that podcast! Check it out at:

During my athletic career I was plagued with injury, and never had a very rigid approach to mobility training. Sure, I’ve been in freaking good shape, strong as an ox and fast – but stiffer than Keith Richard’s favorite shot. After listening to the podcast I realized that I need to take much better care of my body and seriously incorporate the golden nugget of stretching that so many athletes tend to brush off as unnecessary. To quote coach Sommer:

If the best in the world are stretching their ass off in order to get strong, why aren’t you?

I WANT to be able to do the front and middle split, iron cross and rope climbing. It’s going to take some work and time since the joints and ligaments are much slower than muscle tissue to regenerate and adapt. But it’s by all means possible! After watching lots videos from followers of the program do totally bad ass gymnastic exercises and demonstrate insane flexibility, it hit me that I also could have those skills. And these guys were 40+ and former coach potatoes. I they could do it, I most definitely can too! Let’s do it! During the fall I completed the very basic course Fundamentals, and when I get back after my exchange semester in Singapore, I’m beginning the first GST module!

Author: Danny

Life is an adventure! I believe in participating in life - not standing on the side and watching it. Here I will write about all my passions, big and small. Follow my exciting trips around the world as well as my almost normal days at home, wherever it may be at the moment.. If you like inspiration, travel, challenges, training, fashion, self improvement, culture, food and gear - look no further! So to all my stalkers, congratulations! Now you can enjoy watching my life closely at home with your computer, those cold nights with binoculars aimed at my window are finally over. I'll finish my first post by quoting Bilbo (a character in J.R.R Tolkien's The lord of the rings) with a line that ever since I heard it as a child (about 2 years ago) has left a trace in my memory: " It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to"

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