Tested: B&J’s Cotton Candy

So, I’m on a personal mission here in Singapore to try all of the flavors that I haven’t seen before. Here is my honest review of Ben & Jerry’s Cotton candy!

cotton candy

Sweetness balance: 8/10
It’s pretty well balanced this one. Not too overly sweet, just about right on point.

Texture: 5/10
A middle grade here. I couldn’t discern anything special about the texture, kind of like plain vanilla ice cream, a bit boring.

Lives up to description: 3/10
The flavor is good! But does it taste like cotton candy? Not in my opinion, at least not like how I remember cotton candy tasting as a kid. The flavor is sweet, vanilla-ish, and candy-is. Kind of undefinable. Just not like the cotton candy I remember.

Other considerations (creative flavor pairing, innovative, boldness, etc): 4/10
Good idea – but fails on execution. Boring texture, and flavor doesn’t quite live up.

Overall summary: 20/40 points, which equals an average of 5/10.  Try a spoon from somebody else, but not wort buying a pint (at least not here in Singapore where they cost about 16$).


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