2018 personal goals

It’s that time of the year again folk’s! No, I’m not talking about the premiere of the 17th season of paradise hotel. What I AM talking about is planning my year and laying out all my goals and detailed strategic plans for reaching them.

This year is looking to be great! I have a lot of big stuff planned, an example is embarking on a 4 month exchange program to study at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore – a goal I’ve been fighting years to achieve! The seats to the program are limited and the competition is tough. But I finally managed to snag one.

I have so many other things to look forward too, and many areas of my life saw huge improvement during 2017, which I wrote more about in my 2017 review.

No more fluff talk, let’s get down to action!

  • Pass all my new courses
  • Complete 1 old course 1 didn’t pass
  • Go to all lectures
  • Get A’s in more than half of my courses


  • Stay below my “10% over competition weight (78kg)”
  • Continue improving my flexibility with the stretch program from gymnasticbodies
  • Start the foundation program from gymnasticbodies
  • Continue experimenting with and getting better at meditation
  • Helped my brother get in better shape
  • Lower my caffeine intake


  • Learn to use my wacom retouch pad
  • Learn how to retouch an old black & white photo and add color
  • Completed the scratching for controller DJ’s course from Digital DJ Tips
  • Completed the wedding-DJ course from Digital DJ Tips
  • Start the producer course from Digital DJ Tips
  • Practiced all the techniques in the power mixing skills course from Digital DJ Tips
  • Continue my radio show on Toronto house nation
  • Complete the Adobe Audition audio production course from udemy
  • Implement my morning routine
  • Implement my evening routine
  • Implement information-shield
  • Read 12 books
  • Review 12 books


  • All carpentry done on the inside of my apartment
  • Found a financial tax adviser for my business
  • Completed my quality of life improvement project
  • Visit three new countries
  • Complete my laundry every other week plan
  • Start using my steamer
  • Learn how to do a new knot for a tie. I only know one right now
  • Start trying a few strategies of technical analysis and short term trading
  • Visit a trader friend in another city and pay him to show me a few of his methods and share his knowledge
  • Shoot a “hot guy calendar”


  • Double my total amount of saved capital as from Dec 31
  • Save 10% of my monthly income to invest in myself as personal growth/self improvement
  • Save 10% of my monthly income into long term financial investments
  • Build my buffer of protection to at least one average month’s income
  • Saved up to a summer vacation
  • Saved up to a winter vacation
  • Made the remaining down payments on the rest of the apartment interior
  • Lower my recurring monthly expenses
  • Start using cash as much as possible to support kontantupproret


  • Not engage in a serious relationship and just keep focusing on my goals and most importantly my education

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