Tested: Ben & Jerry’s Urban Bourbon

I’m on a personal mission here in Singapore to try all of the flavors that I haven’t seen before. I recently managed to snag a pint of Urban Bourbon. Here is my honest review!



Sweetness balance: 7/10
The balance here is decent, but to be right on spot I would have preferred just a tad more sweetness.

Texture: 9/10
The freezer at Giant Hypermarket here in Singapore must have been too cold. After my usual 20 min in room temperature method, the ice cream still had an almost ice-like texture. After a bit more time though, were on track. The texture delivers big time on this one! Lots of variation and a good mix of elements.

Lives up to description: 10/10
I could easily taste all of the described elements.

Other considerations (creative flavor pairing, innovative, boldness, etc): 5/10
I have mixed feelings here. It does everything it says, but still I find it a little too ordinary. The flavors blend almost too well, and mask each other too much. Nothing really sticks out or leaves a lasting impression. Unless you are a big fan of bourbon or rum-raisin like taste, there are better options – despite the great texture.

Overall summary: 31/40 points, which equals a 77.5% rating. Worth a try for the conservative who wants to play it safe. The daredevil will find it a little to timid.


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