Project: Quality of life improvement

Time for a new project, following the success of my previous one plastic detox project. Don’t you just HATE all those small thing in your every day life that you never really take the time to do anything about, even though they would be fairly easy to fix? That’s what this project is about – to dramatically raise the quality of my life by eliminating all those small nuisances that can disturb my mood, take precious time or steal my attention from more important tasks. To make life as effortless, efficient and easy as I can!


I believe that putting an effort into making life simple and hassle free is a worth while pursuit, kind of similar to investing a lot into getting the best gear and equipment for your main interests. If you spend your precious time on some hobby, passion or interest it only makes the best of sense to make sure that whatever you are using is able to really deliver. For example, if you are very into photography, don’t be afraid to fork out the dough to get the best possible camera to suit your needs. If you love to play an instrument, get one out of the top line of your preferred manufacturer.

The things that bug me the most at the moment are:

  • Broken 3.5 mm headphone jack on my phone
  • Not having a private place in my home to sit and write, plan, work, etc.
  • Having to walk around at the university in winter shoes even though I’m indoors
  • Having a very heavy backpack while commuting with my bike
  • My laptop weighing over 10 lbs (4.7 kg)
  • Having to bring a  heavy towel to the gym
  • Having to do laundry every week
  • Not being able to concentrate in school due to lots of noise from people talking
  • Not being able to stream music, surf for info or listen to podcasts without being bothered by texts and messages from apps

So I’ll start the project by eliminating the first on my list! Update coming soon..

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