Tested: Ben & Jerry’s Oat of this swirled

As you might have seen in previous posts, I’m on a mission here in Singapore to test a lot of Ben & Jerry’s flavors that we don’t have in my home country. The first one i tried was actually oat of this swirled. Good enough to try? Keep reading’!


Sweetness balance: 10/10
Awesome balance. Couldn’t get any better!

Texture: 9/10
Can’t complain here, they are doing it right! Good mix of elements to satisfy the texture palette.

Lives up to description: 9/10
Almost on spot here. The fudge flakes in my opinion were just a tad bit too hard making them taste more like chocolate pieces. But everything else top notch!

Other considerations (creative flavor pairing, innovative, boldness, etc): 9/10
If comfort food had an official dessert – this would be it. Right up my alley here! Outstanding flavor pairing and mix of ingredients. No taste takes over, and everything complements the other parts. Kind of like a mix between cinnamon buns and one love. Love it!

Overall summary: 37/40 points, which equals a 92.5% rating. Buy it!!

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