Recommended: Versace Eros

I must recommend a perfume I purchased recently here in Singapore. It’s Eros from the brand Versace. I’ve never owned a Versace product before, but I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this one. In my opinion, it manages to walk the very tight rope between fresh, sporty day-time style and more masculine, heavy night time. Good overall performance!


Until that purchase, I haven’t bought a perfume since 2009. At that point I was heading to Greece to do a summer season in a bar located on the island of Crete. Walking through the tax free on the way to my gate, I realized that I had forgot to bring a perfume for the summer. The tax free store was having some kind of promotion, so I ended up buying three different brands, which has lasted me since. As a matter of fact, most of them are only half finished. And my bathroom cupboard has about 6-7 other perfumes. During my early twenties I went through a perfume-phase where I bought several unusual perfumes with very distinctive character.

My favorite perfume maker is the French luxury brand Givenchy. I think they do a superb job of combining interesting tones into unique perfumes. If I had to pick my all time personal ones, it would be these two:

Day time


Very Irrésistible, by Givenchy. It’s so unique. The smell is kind of reminiscent of green grass mixed with mint and pine. Fresh, sporty, lovely!



givenchy pi

PI, by Givenchy. I promise, I didn’t buy it just because I’m a math & physics nerd ha ha. It actually smalls great. This one is a KILLER! Confident masculine presence with the dominating tones of honey, vanilla and cinnamon. You can’t get enough of it.

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