Tested: Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla caramel fudge

My mission here in Singapore to test a lot of Ben & Jerry’s flavors that we don’t have in my home country continues. I got my hands on a pint of vanilla caramel fudge this weekend. Is it any good? Keep reading’!


Sweetness balance: 10/10
Nothing to add here!

Texture: 8/10
Texture is almost buttery smooth. Melts in your mouth! Doesn’t have any crunchy elements or other types of things (such as pieces of chocolate) that are common in a B&J’s pint.

Lives up to description: 7/10
I can taste the vanilla. I can taste the caramel. But where is the fudge?

Other considerations (creative flavor pairing, innovative, boldness, etc): 7/10
It’s a great flavor, make no mistake about it! Playing it very safe. It kind of reminds me of the blondie brownie caramel core one, with a different texture and no elements of chocolate or blondie. The caramel they use here is excellent, really top notch. I love it! Just wish I could have been able to taste that fudge – might have to buy another pint… This is a home run for the conservative ice cream lover, but the wild novelty taster might get bored if he/she isn’t a huge caramel fan. Luckily for me – I am 🙂

Overall summary: 32/40 points, which equals a 80% rating. Buy it.

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