Guess didn’t feel right

I’ve been on the lookout for a blue watch lately. A brand that I’ve seen in shops is Guess, and they have a lot of models in blue at the moment. Generally, I like Guess’s designs so I decided to have a closer look. The style I’m after is sporty yet elegant, and the nice royal  color combo blue + gold can be well suited for this. Here are the models I tried on. Which one would you go for?
Screenshot (44)Screenshot (45)Screenshot (46)Screenshot (47)Screenshot (48)

They all looked great in the shop window, but to be honest, none of them looked good enough on my wrist to convince me into making the purchase. I don’t know why, maybe it was the dark light at the shop counter. All of them looked kind of flat and dull. I might go to another shop with better light to form a second opinion.

When it comes to buying clothes, shoes, watches and jewelry, I’m very picky. I can look for ages for something but until I find a piece that fits good and suits my body type, I won’t buy anything. During 2014 for example, I didn’t buy a single piece of clothing. But when I do find something that fits very well and feels excellent, I buy more than one pair.

The hunt continues!

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