Tested: Ben & Jerry’s Truffle Kerfuffle

I’m more than half way through my mission here in Singapore to test a lot of Ben & Jerry’s flavors that we don’t have in my home country  Here is my review of Truffle Kerfuffle! Can it stand a chance against the two leading flavors Oat of this swirled and Red velvet cake?


Sweetness balance: 7/10
It’s decent. Maybe could use just a tad more sweetness.

Texture: 6/10
It’s very chunky, almost too chunky. I personally have loved to have some softer elements in the mix to create better balance.

Lives up to description: 8/10
I can taste all the elements, but I do feel that the swirl lacks a bit of punch, it could be pronounced more!

Other considerations (creative flavor pairing, innovative, boldness, etc): 7/10
I like it! Good variation of elements that match each other. I feel it’s right on the edge between conservative and daring. A safe bet, but not thrilling either. Maybe that’s the only drawback.

Overall summary: 28/40 points, which equals a 70% rating. Not one of the highest rankers but still worth a shot.


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